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about me

I am a full-time Web Developer, with more than a decade of in-market experience with one of Canada’s largest telecoms.

I have extensive experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and have delivered hundreds of projects of the years; many of which on aggressive timelines, for challenging clients.

These projects have ranged anywhere from eblasts/enewsletters; to single splash pages; to multi-page, multi-phase contests and content hubs. All of which are fully responsive, and have as much focus on accessibility and user experience as the timelines would allow.

I am currently focused on the development of an online Resource Management and Hours Reconciliation platform, to be used by every member of my immediate organization. This is a project that I scoped, pitched, and received VP-level approval of outside of my regular work; and is one that I am now defining, designing, and developing from the ground up.

Along the way, I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to mentor and manage the day-to-day workflows of multiple junior level developers, as well as define and manage the development and Quality Assurance processes.

I’m also responsible for reviewing, and oftentimes creating, the development and QA workbacks for all projects that require those steps. Meaning, nothing goes into dev unless I’ve approved the timeline.

my skills

my work

I'm in the early stages of putting together my first portfolio in 10 years, so I'll be adding work examples in the coming days and weeks.

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